10 Reasons Why Quatrix from Maytech is the best FTP Server Host:
Hosted in Australia
Your files are hosted in a Sydney based Tier 3 data centre so that it is super fast for Australian downloads. Data sovereignty is assured as files are not replicated outside Australia (unless requested).
You can choose from multiple encrypted file transfer methods: HTTPS, SFTP or a unique browser based PGP module for highly confidential data.
Global Presence
Transfer large files anywhere in the world. For fast global FTP and cloud file transfer we have data centres in Sydney, London, Amsterdam, Belgium, New York, California, Iowa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mumbai and Dubai.
Unlimited transfers
Quatrix provides you with secure cloud storage with no file size limits, no bandwidth charges and unlimited file transfers.
Granular User Permissions
Create personalised access and operation policies for each user, with a full audit trail and reporting features. Perfect for outsourcers or vendors.
Big data
Fast transfer of big data files or large number of files.
Tracking & Reporting
An FTP account with Quatrix includes comprehensive logging, tracking and reporting to meet the needs for corporate accountability and governance
Brand your Quatrix site with your company logo, fonts and corporate colours ensuring a professional look and feel.
Quatrix cloud file sharing is used by government and major corporations worldwide for mission critical work flows. It benefits from built-in resilience designed for highest availability.
Data is stored in your chosen location in compliance with EU, US and international privacy policies and the service is compliant with international standards including HIPAA, PCI-DSS and EU Data Protection.

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Benefits of Quatrix for users
Benefits of Quatrix for IT
. Secure global file sharing with no file size limits and accelerated regional delivery. . Flexible transfer options - FTP, SFTP or the user-friendly web portal.
. Total integration with your brand identity. No third-party links or branding. . Administrative hierarchy enables delegation of roles and granular access controls
. Simple usability for front end users. . Comprehensive tracking and reporting ensure full visibility and accountability
. Fast file transfers in Australia and overseas. . Compliant with global security standards including HIPAA and PCI
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