Advanced data transfer platform providing a unique site with granular administration controls and compliant with global security standards.

This solution is ideal for all kinds of companies. It helps fulfil critical processes including:

Maytech only operate in the corporate space so we understand how important security and compliance are to you. It means everything we do is underpinned by this. We use tier three data centres, and data in transit or at rest is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption.

Quatrix Features
You can choose from multiple encrypted file transfer methods: HTTPS, SFTP or a unique browser based PGP module for highly confidential data.
Brand your Quatrix site with your company logo, fonts and corporate colours ensuring a professional look and feel.
Dedicated IP
Each Quatrix site has a fixed and permanent IP address.
Local and Global Presence
Quatrix enables you to transfer large files anywhere in the world using FTP, SFTP or Web. For fast global FTP and cloud file transfer we have data centres in Sydney, London, Amsterdam, Belgium, New York, California, Iowa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mumbai and Dubai interconnected over a fast uncongested fibre network.
Quatrix China provides fast and reliable secure large file transfer to China from Australia, Europe and the USA.
Website Integration
Using an Quatrix widget you can embed your fast file transfer solution directly into any web page.
Configurable email notifications triggered when file transfers complete in any folder.
Quatrix is fully compatible with Mac and PC, all major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc and all major FTP client software.
Unlimited transfers
Quatrix provides you with secure cloud storage with no file size limits, no bandwidth charges and unlimited file transfers.
24/7 Support
Every customer has a dedicated account manager as well as 24 / 7 support.
Quatrix cloud file sharing is used by government and major corporations worldwide for mission critical work flows. It benefits from built-in resilience designed for highest availability.
Tracking & Accountability
An FTP account with Quatrix includes comprehensive logging, tracking and reporting.
SFTP and HTTPS file sharing meets all the requirements for a HIPAA compliant work flow. An Quatrix hosted FTP site will pass a PCI-DSS scan.
Video Streaming
Quality video streaming to your FTP site.
Your Quatrix site is backed up every hour, on the hour.
Optional Extras
Four optional modules are available for our Quatrix file transfer service. On sign up or at any time you can add these options to provide additional functionality or security for your cloud file transfers.
Access Controls
Detailed management of user access is available on the web-based control panel.

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